Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sleeping Handsome

^Taken today at his nap time

A few days late here, but Baby P is officially 5 months old. Where did that time go, seriously? I can't believe it! These days he is a major mama's boy and loves, loves, LOVES his bottles more than ever. So much so, that he refuses to eat any solid foods...So frustrating! He is able to roll from his back to his tummy, but does it because he can, not because he wants to. He doesn't enjoy being on his tummy, so he gets kinda angry at times :) One of these days he'll learn to roll back the other way. He continues to smile at just about everything and everyone, he's a happy little guy, and he makes all of us so happy! He is 18lbs, and is just about grown out of all 3-6 month clothes, he's a big boy. If you can't tell from the pictures, just try carrying him around all day :)I know this next month will most likely bring sitting up, and eating solids *fingers crossed* and more hand-eye coordination. Lots to look forward to, not just this month, but for the rest of his life. I love my Baby P!


Jamie said...

time does fly, doesn't it?! what a little cutie he is!

The-Allen-Family said...

oh he is so precious! I can't believe he is so big. I haven't even gotten to meet the little dude. :( Give him kisses for me! Lots and Lots!