Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October Visiting Teaching

Last month I shared what my comp and I did for September, and thought I would do the same for this month. Usually we do our V.T. on the second Tuesday of each month, but this month one of our sisters that we teach was out of town, so we did it today. A little late, but it's done ;) This idea can be used for any month or season of the year. Sorry, I didn't get a picture of the finished, all put together project but here's the idea...
Made some "witch shoes" from scrapbook paper found here
Mine were more like Halloween shoes instead of "witch shoes"
Whipped up some cake pops of all scary sorts

Pumpkin pop!

I wrapped the cake pops in little treat bags with a black bow, then stuck a few inside the shoe for our gift this month. You get the idea right!?!

P.S. I actually only dipped a few cake pops, I had the Sister Missionaries over, they wanted to learn how to make them, so I let them have at it :) Skylee had a great time helping to make the faces too!


AaReAn said...

wanna be my visiting teacher? Okay so I had a dream about you last night?!?!?I know so random and weird. It was me, you and Erin. So so weird. lol.

Brianne said...

ok you lied... they turned out adorable. Way better then mine.

LdsNana said...

Totally fun!