Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Pile

Yes...A Pumpkin PILE! These pathetic places don't even deserve the term "patch", it's just sad around here. As tradition would have it, we took the kids to pick out a pumpkin this weekend. We found a good one, over priced of course, but a good one.



Kayla said...

wow your kids have grown so fast! they are so adorable.

LdsNana said...

Dad and I love the pictures. Wish you were here. Thanks for posting.

Sundquist Family said...

Parker is so ADORABLE. Even though it was a stupid pumpkin place, it looks like you made the best of it. Miss you guys!

Steve and Jennette said...

SOOOOO cute! Parker looks like he's got tons of personality! Can't wait to get our little dudes together!

K.D.Allen said...

Holy crap bro your little guy is getting bigger and cuter every-time I see a new photo. Reminds me of the summer that Grandma Allen took you and you came back like twenty pound heavier! talk to you soon.