Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Just Can't Wait...

*Meet my little one
*Have a flat tummy again
*Say good bye to heartburn
*Sleep on my back
*Have more options in my wardrobe
*Bend at my waist
*Put my own shoes on
*Physically be able to paint my toe nails
*Sit up all by myself
*Not feel sick most of the day
*Drink milk
*Be out of breath when doing the smallest things
*Stand up without feeling like I'm going to faint
*Get comfortable
*Be ME!

This list is for the last part of this pregnancy, it would have looked a lot different at the beginning, and I'm glad I'm past some of those AWFUL parts! I honestly daydream about life after pregnancy. It does help now that I know when it will end and that the end is within sight. If I don't go into labor naturally before, I'll be induced on April 6th. My sweet sister Laura will be coming out to watch Skylee while Ryan and I are in the hospital and staying to help me through recovery. Then my mama will be out after she leaves when Ryan goes back to work...I JUST CAN'T WAIT!

P.S. It has been requested by a few to post pictures of my tummy. I'm not ignoring you, but I'm not posting pictures for a few reasons: my tummy looks ridiculously large, and my hair is in need of some help! Love ya


The Osborne Family said...

AMEN!!!! I actually CAN paint my toenails (kinda), don't feel sick, drink WAY too much milk, and will never have a flat stomach again, but the rest are right on and I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!!! You're almost there, Brittney. You can do it!

AaReAn said...

adoptions suddenly sounds like the best option. haha I am still going to wait for that picture...large tummy and all!

Ashley and Jeremy said...

I don't care about your hair...and your tummy is supposed to look ridiculous, so give us pictures already!!!

LdsNana said...

The first thing I did after each of you kids were born, was roll over on my tummy. LOL


LdsNana said...

P.S. But then, my milk came in! ROTFL


Josh and Britt said...

Man I know how that feels...oh the joys of being pregnant. Is it easier or worse the second time around? I cant believe that you only have one month to go. Hang in there. i dont blame you for not wanting to post pictures, i look back at picture i took at the end and next time after the 8 months no more pictures..they just dont look right :) Althought im sure you look great!

Troy & Allison said...

I say post the pictures anyway!! You are always your worst critic - I'm sure you look fabulous! You are getting so close, are you ready?