Saturday, April 24, 2010

Skylee's Room

I decided it was time for Skylee and Parker to have their own rooms. Simply because their schedules are really different and we have the space. We moved our office into our closet (believe me, it totally works since it's the size of a small bedroom) and now Skylee's got her own big girl room again :)
I've had a lot of fun doing her room, and although it's not completely finished, (I still need to accessorize) here's what we've got so far:
^This is simply scrapbook paper folded to look 3D... Cost:$1.50
first found the idea here then simplified

These hanging pom poms found at Martha Stewart, I made from tissue paper and hung with ribbon. Cost: $4
This pillow I made from a store-bought pillowcase I trimmed to size and sewed the little owl on. Cost: $ 3.50 (for 2 pillowcases, although I only used 1)

I made the tree from an old brown sheet that I "upcycled" and used spray starch to paste it to the wall, and felt I already had (the felt pieces are taped...we rent :P) Cost $3 (for the spray starch, and a couple extra sheets of felt)
I must admit that I'm pretty proud of myself, my vision was really intimidating, and I didn't know if I could actually pull it off. I didn't use any patterns, I just started cutting and pasting. The BEST part for me is that it is transferable, since we're in the military, we can expect to move soon! The only thing I wish was different: The tree trunk is too slim, really wish I would have cut it bigger... oh well... Hope you like it!


Alex and Shauna said...

Very, very cute! I'm totally impressed and I love it!

Misty said...

I wish I had half of your skills. Looks really awesome!

Sophia said...

So fabulous! I love it and I love your creativity.

AaReAn said...

omg gosh britt this looks SO good! Wanna design my nursery... haha I am already having a little anxiety with it all and I don't even know if its a boy or girl yet?!?! I know wow.


I love how you showed how inexpensive it was for you to make such a darling room! You are amazing!

Troy & Allison said...

Seriously, do you want to come do my kids' room?!?! ;)

Ashley said...

Brit, This is sooo good! You are so creative. When I have kids you can come decorate their rooms!

Laynie said...

You have inspired me! I am going to the craft store to find some scrap booking paper to make some cute you didn't use any Styrofoam you just folded the paper?