Thursday, May 1, 2008

Our April

Skylee loves to help whatever way she can. We are attempting for a third time this season to grow some flowers in our front yard. The soil here is sand, not the best for growth, but with lots of top soil and Skylee's watering skills, it looks promising!
Skylee and I hanging out

Ryan and Skylee at "Giligan's Island", a nearby recreational park.

After our trip from Brazil we got to spend a day with my parents before they left on a cruise from Miami. Skylee loved spending time with both Nana and Papa and still wants to talk about them all the time.

The Kings Bay Naval Station where Ryan works, always has fun family activities. Early in the month they had a little carnaval we attended with a petting zoo, face painting, inflatable, and all kinds of other activities for children. Skylee got this beautiful butterfly painted on her face, we had a really fun day.

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