Saturday, April 19, 2008

The People We Visited In Brazil

Most of our time spent in Sao Paulo, Brazil was with members that Ryan has kept in touch with since coming home almost 3 years ago. It was an experience for me, that I will never forget. These loving people gave us the absolute best they had to offer even if it wasn't what here in America, we would call very much. All of them remembered Ryan and expressed their love and appreciation for him, but I know that they gave much more to Ryan ( and I) than the other way around. Members that had nothing are now thriving in the gospel with great callings, and testimonies. Their lives have truly been changed by the gospel and their prayers are answered. The experience this last week strengthened my own testimony, it was very humbling and gratifying. They automatically loved me because I love Ryan and so do they, that was enough for them.

We left Skylee at home with my mom who was kind enough to come out here to watch her for the week. We were constantly on the go! I felt like we were serving a mission with all the appointments we had and walking around that we did. We built up some good mileage! The bus system is outrageous, but efficient. We had to take it quite a few times to get everywhere we wanted to when there wasn't anyone to drive us around. Sometimes the buses got so packed that you couldn't move. It's a different world there, or at least country.

In that short week we were there, I grew to love the people there as I know Ryan did when he sereved his mission. I did my best with portugese, I learned a lot, but have a long way to go. Thank you Ryan for taking me on a trip that has enriched my life so much already. I love you.


kcandbrookie said...

so kc... well it's called one too many sunburns on his ear. He had some skin cancer on his ear and they tried burning it out but that didnt work. so they had him put this cream on it that was supposed to kinda pull it out, but that didnt get it all so then they went in and cut it out. its supposedly all gone now but it has been hurting him for a while. He's better though :)

Allison & Troy said...

Hey Britney!! I was so excited to see that this was YOUR blog - its been FOREVER! This is Allison (Ruby) Thompson, by the way. WOW! Married and have a beautiful baby girl!!! I have a little boy who is 2 and keeps me so busy - I'm sure you understand. Anyways...we should keep in touch! We have a blog (I just started it yesterday) address:
You still look amazing and so happy!