Saturday, May 31, 2008

My little surprise for Ryan

I figured it was about time to plan a nice date for Ryan and I. Usually IF we get a date it's the typical dinner and maybe a movie. A couple in our ward offered to watch Skylee for us so we could take a little time out. I asked Ryan earlier in the week if he would go on a date with me, but I was going to plan the whole thing and it would be a surprise for him. Dinner was a given, when we celebrated our anniversary a few months ago, we found a really nice restaurant "Bonito Sushi and Grill" in close by Fernandina Beach, FL. It was the best sushi I had ever eaten, so for my own personal reasons I wanted to go back. It wasn't just for me, I knew Ryan would like it too. Dinner ended up really nice, we got there before the Friday night rush, it was romantic and relaxing to be together. After we finished dinner I wanted to take him to the beach. I had prepared a small picnic basket with dessert and a beach blanket to lay out along with a kite. The kite took a while to get up, we lost the frame of it, so we tried to improvise with sticks we found on the beach. It didn't really work, but just as we were going to give up, I saw the pieces sticking up from the sand. Once we had all the parts, it went right up. Ryan was like a little boy out there, it was the perfect weather with just enough wind! I made him come sit with me for dessert, I bought a nice box of chocolates, but sadly they were really melted :( We again had to improvise, but it all worked out. I would have loved to stay a little longer to enjoy the sunset, waves, and just being together, but we had to get home. We love each other everyday, but it was fun to show it to him on our date. Thanks to Lesa and Trevor Elder for watching Skylee so we could go out, Ryan... I love you!


Mom said...

That is such a sweet journal entry. I am so glad that you two are so happy together:-)
Love Mom

Starbucks Queen said...

I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I also live in Kingsland GA.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ryan, your little girl is so cute and looks just like you!

Trever Elder said...

Brittney and Ryan, you are very welcome and Lesa and I will watch it Skylee again.

It is spelled Trever. HEHEHe!