Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wild Child

Skylee is a wild child these days. She loves climbing on anything and everything she can. I guess it's fairly "normal' but it scares me half to death when she attempts scaling the dinning room chairs. There is always an accident waiting to happen! She's at an age where she knows when she shouldn't be doing something, but does it anyways. Why does that have to start so young? Don't they have teenage years to do all that stuff? She'll be playing in a different area than where I am, and when I call her name to see where she is, she'll automatically start freaking out when she's into something she knows she shouldn't. It's actually pretty funny.
Ryan caught a frog while he was cutting the lawn this weekend, and just had to make an experience out of it. It was a hot day, so we put Skylee in the bath with the frog. She did NOT like it. The picture here shows her the very moment before she flipped out, I would too! Who takes baths with frogs? Enjoy the pictures below :)


Sundquist Family said...

She's so adorable. Next time you guys are in town, make sure to give us a call.

Nana said...

Isn't that what we love about Wilie Skylie?