Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sneaky Little Thing!

I thought this was just one of those funny moments of a parent's life... Usually when Skylee wakes up in the morning I bring her in bed with me for a little bit until we've decided it's time to be productive. This particular morning, I had put her in bed with me but almost immediately got up to get something out of bed, leaving her in there for a split second. I guess turning my back away from her was just enough time for her to spot the cookie that was left on our night-stand from the night before, so she helped herself with getting her own breakfast. She was real quiet, but I could hear some wrestling, so I knew something was up. As I turned around I couldn't help but laugh and grab the camera at such a classic moment! I made my best attempt to give her a banana after that, but it was rejected.

1 comment:

Holli said...

I love it...she has a sweet tooth just like her mama! :)