Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Our unusual Valentine's Day

Normally for Valentine's Day when you have a "special someone" like a husband...you would get to spend time and do something a little extra to show your love and appreciation for that person and vice versa. Not this year, or last year in the Allen home. Last year when we were living in Oregon, he had to work both our wedding anniversary and Valentine's day, lucky me...it just so happened again this year. We've only been married for two years here! As much as I loved being with Jennette's family in Texas, I couldn't help but miss my Valentine and husband of now two years. Don't worry about me though, he doesn't get out of these things that easily around here, the conditions of him leaving were that he would make both occassions up to me, as it seems to be more important to me in the first place. :) Our Valentines Day was a fun day at the park and as many treats as you could eat! Thanks Jennette and Steve for letting us crash your Valentines Day!

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LdsNana-AskMormon said...

My goodness... why those are the most adorable little Valentine's I have ever beheld!

Love you all:-)