Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Fun Weekend

Ryan had the weekend off from work so we decided to make plans to go see some sights around here. We had made reservations to take a ferry out to Cumberland Island, a local national park. The ferry was to take off from downtown Saint Mary's where there just so happened to be a Mardi Gras festival going on. As we walked down the street, we were just too tempted at all the fun that we figured since this event was just once a year, and we could go to Cumberland Island anytime, that we would stay and enjoy the festivities. There were all kinds of fun "southern foods" to try and great booths to check out. There was somthing fun for everyone, and it was a perfect day outside here! The day before we went down to the little harbor where the ferry was scheduled to set sail, to have an idea of where to go and to make our reservation. We stopped in a little ice-cream shop and the cashier asked us if we were going to come for Mardi Gras, we just laughed because all that came to mind was a crazy party that we weren't so into. Once we showed up that morning we could see it was very different from the real Mardi Gras festivities of New Orleans, thank goodness! We are still looking forward to a weekend spent at Cumberland Island here in the near future!

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