Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Having an Unexpected Fun Time in Texas

Ryan came home with some unexpected news from his commanders on base that he needed to go to a training in Charleston, SC that Sunday (two days from then). He was to be gone for two weeks, which just so happened to be our wedding anniversary and Valentine's Day. There was no way I was going to just hang around here for two weeks, so Skylee and I headed to Jennette's house in Dallas, TX. Our Valentine's this year were Ethan, Elenna, and Eliese! My mom had already planned on going out that way, so we got to spend a few days with Nana too. Skylee absolutelty loved being there with her cousins, more girly things to play with, all new books she hadn't already flipped through a million times, and constant entertainment by the Paul crew! Now that we're back home, I can tell she misses all those girls!

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Holli said...

the pic of miss skylee in her vest and pigtails is so adorable...i luv it!!!