Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hawaiian Luau- Enrichment Night

One of my callings is the Enrichment leader! Fun right? We had our summer enrichment night on Tuesday, a Hawaiian Luau theme. I was super nervous how everything was going to turn out, it was my first time planning something like this for so many ppl. The hardest part was actually knowing just how many ppl were going to show up. BUT, everything went really well. I got a few comments on how fun and great it was. Even a "this was the best Enrichment Night our ward has ever had!". We started the evening off with a speaker, Margie Tinney, who spoke on the "Spirit of Aloha", she did an outstanding job,and it really set the tone for the night, exactly what our ward needed to hear! Then we had dinner, hawaiian haystacks, which I heard turned out yummy! We ended our night by seeing a hula dancing demonstration and then we got to try it ourselves! I was shocked to see how many women participated in the hula dancing, it was great! A sister from another ward in our stake, Maxine Maloney, was our hula instructor, and brought her beautiful daughter Tia along. Thank you to EVERYONE that helped and participated in our lovely evening!



Sounds like a great success! Good for you Brittney! LaRee just got called to be the 2nd councilor in her RS presidency....and she is over Enrichment! You girls are just all grown up with grown up callings and everything!

Alixa said...

Brittney - of course I remember you! We had a great time that summer. I had to come look at your blog. Your family is very cute. I will be sure to come back often. Aarean was in my ward a couple of years ago, small world. Anyway hope all is well!

Stephanie and Cody Sunderhaus said...

Way to go Brit. That's always so stressful to put on those kinds of activities, but it feels oh so good when it's done and gone well! And i love your family picture up top! I can't believe how much hair skylee has! So beautiful just like her mommy!