Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Adventures of Potty Training

We've made a few attempts at getting Skylee potty trained but this time, we're serious! We've been consistant for the past week and a half now, and I feel like I'm the one potty trained. I'm trained on the hour to take her to her potty, she goes, we celebrate...I've taken a lot of advice from different moms, but I'm feeling pretty stuck right now. Skylee is at a point where she knows what to do, but doesn't get that it's not my responsibility to get her to the potty in time. She has no problem doing it, but only if we're the ones that tell her to. I'm just wondering how and when she will catch on to doing it all by herself? Is that something that just comes with time, or is there a trick? I know Skylee is just barely 2 years old, and some may say that's too young, but she's so smart and since we've been doing it, she knows the drill. I know we're at a point now that we can't stop what we've started or it will just make it harder next time, so I need some suggestions! This is what we do so you know how to critique: (She wears underwear all day long, at naps, but diapers at bedtime. Most of the time when her diaper is on she'll still tell me that she went to the bathroom)

Creating Success:

*Every hour take her to her potty

*She goes

*We make a big deal, celebrate

*She gets a treat

When Accidents Happen:

*She comes to tell us "I went pee pee in my underwears! Oh no, that's yucky!"

*In the best and most simple way we know how, we tell her that big girls don't go potty in their underwear, they go potty on the toilet. We try to explain that she has to tell us when she needs to go, not to go in her underwear.

*We quickly change her clothes and tell her not to go potty in her nice clean ones.

What am I doing wrong??? I ordered a DVD for Skylee to watch about big girls saying bye to diapers and using the potty, just got it in the mail, so we'll be watching it after her nap today!


Tera said...

Potty Training.... fun times! HE HE HE. I started Caelan the week she turned 2 as well. She was the same way - totally understood the concept (so we couldn't stop), but had a bit of a hard time doing it totally on her own. It just took a little while for everything to sink in. Sometimes it's good to go and put them on the toilet even after they have an accident where you can have them try and get any more out and also explain again that "this" is where we go potty. She seems like she is doing really well already. Good luck!

Kristin said...

Wow. What a good mom you are. Hayley wasn't potty trained until almost 3 years old. That's purely do to my laziness. Haha. You said that you immediately changed Skylee out of her clothes after she had an accident. I know this may seem cruel but maybe you should just let her sit in it for a while, that way she will actually experience how gross it is. Sometimes we have to learn through our own experiences :)

The Osborne Family said...

You know, it may just need to come with time. You could definitely try bribing. An M&M can go a long way as far as motivation goes. =)
Benjamin potty-trained early, but it was almost 4 months after he turned 2. Maybe a month or two will make a difference.
We just started the idea with Christopher and he's not quite ready. He knows how it goes but doesn't seem to care enough to do it all the time. I think I'll really try in a couple weeks.
Good luck!

LdsNana said...

LOL!!! Welcome to Skylee's world! Okay, so you know that I believe in the more opportunities they have to practice, the sooner they will learn.

Give her lots of salty food, thus she will drink, drink, drink.... (pretzels, crackers, peanuts, etc... not sweet - that is for reward:-)

That is how I potty trained YOU! Look how well you are doing? LOL


Ashley and Jeremy said...

Ok i'm sorry but I just think its hilarious listening to you talk about potty training your 2 year old! i totally miss you and 4 years ago would of never thought you'd already be so old! jk love you brit and i wish i had advice but lets face it i'm not exactly a pro at taking care of kids :)

Michelle, Chris, and Hallie said...

I am with you. Potty training is exhausting. Unfortunately, I don't have any tips. I think I will just steal those from you.