Thursday, August 21, 2008


8 people think I'm having a boy already? I think I know who the lone girl voter is...Ryan said he was going to vote girl just to be different. Maybe people really think I'm having a boy? Or, maybe people see that other people think I"m having a boy and don't want to feel like their going to be wrong? We would like a boy, but does it really matter, no! A girl would be totally fun and I would instantly feel like a pro! A little boy would be something totally new, and a nice way to insure that we at least will have one of each gender! So, tell me what you think. For those of you that have voted, why a boy? We have a few months to go until we find out, so we'll see. I should be going in for my first appt. an a couple weeks. I'm excited to get that first ultrasound to see the little baby! We'll keep you posted!


Kristin said...

I think it's both! Twins!!! LOL

The-Allen-Family said...

Heehee! what if you are pregnant with twins?! So cool..but we voted a boy because your pregnancy is allready so of the last time we talked and we thought that if we voted a boy that it maybe it would push it in the right direction...but I do agree another girl would be WOnderful if I do say so myself! Love you. keep us posted!