Monday, August 18, 2008

Dress Up

Skylee has found a new hobbie...she LOVES to dress up. If it's not in real "dress up" attire, it's anything she can find. I must say, she has somewhat of a good sense of style, she knows how to layer well :) Usually if she's being quiet back in her room these days, I can safely assume that she is getting dressed, undressed, then dressed again. It's so fun as she changes clothes/costumes, she acts like whatever it is she is wearing. Enjoy a few of the pictures I've snapped lately...
All by herself

Cinderella on her horse


Fairy- she insisted on the sunglasses!
"I'm gunna get you!"


Tinker Bell


Brooke W said...

that is so funny!! She is such a cute little unicorn!

The-Allen-Family said...

Where did you get all those fun costumes? I Love her! You gotta love girls!

Ashley and Jeremy said...

hahaha i love the lion! rawr!