Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Skylee using a spoon!


Michelle, Chris, and Hallie said...

Oh chubby Skylee! That is such a cute video. I love her smile at the end. I am way impressed with your little spoon feeder. Hallie thinks she is Van Gogh when she has a spoon and she just paints and doesn't put it anywhere near her mouth. Go Skylee go!

AuntKim said...

Brilliant!! Skylee is such a cutie...and Oye Vay...what eye/hand coordination...makes an Auntie Oh SO proud!!!

My new e-mail address (so I can get your family news) is kimberly0571@yahoo.com

All my love,

Aunt Kim

Dudley said...

ah! your baby is so cute... oh and so are you guys :) love you brit, it was good talking to you today!