Monday, January 28, 2008

January adventures...

Well...this month started with the most stressful move so far, but things have somewhat settled down for us. For the most part we are settled into our new house, and we have even gone to a BBQ that we were invited to. "They" say that growing starts with getting out of your comfort zone and thats where we are right about now! Last week we finally made it down to Jacksonville, FL which is only about a 30 min drive away, to go to a mall down there. Here in Kingsland there isn't a whole lot to do, or too many places to go except Wal-Mart (Super Center even!) so getting to a "normal" place was good for my mental health :) ! Ryan endured me while I went on a quest for things I needed, I found some amazing sales, and not too mention it was his idea to go in the first place! Friday I went to get my hair done...more blonde, covered my roots, and cut some bangs. I don't have a picture yet, but I'll get one soon to share. For my birthday on Saturday, Ryan made me breakfast in bed (chocolate chip pancakes), then he had arranged a babysitter for the afternoon so he could take me to the shooting range. That's right...I shot a gun for the first time, and no...we aren't turning into rednecks here in the south! I was scared to death for the first 30 mins. or so even after I had shot the gun a few times. It took me a while to get used to it, but I ended up having fun. I hit the bulls-eye 4 times, which everyone said was good, and I at least always hit the target...I must be a natural :) It was something I had never done before, and I'm glad he decided to choose something more adventurous. After that we took the babysitter home and went to dinner as a family. I wondered why we hadn't just paid the sitter for a little while longer so we could eat in peace like everyone else, Skylee has to make herself known, vocally! It was actually my idea that we take Skylee along with us, I had missed her all day long, after all it was the first time we had hired someone to watch our little rug-rat. I had a really good birthday, I was happy that Ryan was actually able to be home for it this year! Thanks to all who called, e-mailed and sent cards for my b-day, it's always good to know those you love thought about you!

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