Monday, June 22, 2009

California 2009

We had great time in California this last visit. Both Ryan and I got to see all of our siblings, which is a miracle, and even some of our Grandparents! Our two week stay was filled with a lot of fun and running around! Some of our activities included: Parker's baby blessing, Sea World, swimming, Alton and Jared's H.S. graduations, eating out WAY too much, going to the temple, our neice Seybrielle's b-day party, graduation party, and visiting with family to name a few! Skylee caught her first flu while we were there, so it limitted us for the last week. Poor Nana was the lucky recipient of her vomitt! (Sorry about that one Mom!) The Parker came down with a little bug the last few days out there too, even with sick kids, we still had a great time! We spent so much time trying to see and spend as much time with family that it left very little time to visit with friends this trip. Thank you to those friends that came to see us, and we apologize to the ones we didn't meet up with this time around! I'm never ready to come back to Georgia, it's so far away, but we had another fun vacation! A special thank you to our families who housed us, fed us, and put up with all our craziness! We love you!


LdsNana said...

I loved having you here, vomit and ALL! Glad you had a good time. Can't wait for you to come back to California!

Troy & Allison said...

Looks like you had tons of fun in Cali!!! I am so stinkin' jealous! Skylee and Parker are ADORABLE!! Its amazing how easy it is for us moms to fall in love with our kiddies. :) I love the new family picture!