Monday, March 17, 2008

A Day at the Jacksonville Zoo!

We had so much fun at the zoo this weekend. Skylee thought it was so cool to be that close to real animals. If she knew how to say the name of the animal she would repeat it over and over, and like a monkey, if she knew what sound it made, thats all you could hear for miles I'm sure. I knew we would have fun, and I'm so glad we finally made it there, we're making plans to go back soon, when it's not so crowded. Here are just a few pictures we took of our outting...This is Skylee and Ryan actually feeding this giraffe, it was so cool. Skylee was a little frightened by this large creature, but eventually liked it.

These little monkeys were both Skylee and my favorite. We watched these guys for a long time because they were so entertaining, and so was Skylee doing her impressions of monkeys herself.

Skylee can now say "Ele" for obvious reasons...

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